Thursday, 19 July 2012

Real Edwardian Clothes and Medieval Bras

A few of us have been fascinated to find a link to a Daily Mail picture article about everyday women's clothes in the Edwardian era. Apart from showing what normal women wore in their ordinary daily lives in the early 20th century, some of the fashions would look just as good today!

Then a few days later, we discovered an article in The Telegraph about the astonishing discovery of bras and other underwear, seemingly dating from the 15th century, being unearthed in a castle in Austria. After carbon dating, the items are thought to be genuine which overthrows previous notions that the bra was a 20th century invention. It proves that no one can ever really know a historical period without having lived at the time. Just as well we're fiction writers!



Teresa Ashby said...

Those pictures are wonderful aren't they. And I found it rather sweet that ladies were reading as they walked along!
Very interesting about the ancient bras too.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Hi Teresa - yes, I loved the reading too!

Patsy said...

We base much of what we 'know' of history on what's written down and forget that people usually write the interesting and unusual stuff, not the normal, obvious (to them) everyday stuff.

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