Mischief at Mulberry Manor

A Victorian Novella set around Twelfth Night

When Maryanne Robertson visits her cousins’ old manor house for the Twelfth Night Masked Ball in 1859, she does not expect to find the manor haunted or to fall in love. But mischief is afoot and one of her cousins is missing as frost covers the ground outdoors. Is the mischief caused by a ghostly presence or someone more human?

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'It's the perfect length for settling down and reading in one go. The characters draw you in and the author is so at home with the language and fashions of the mid-Victorian period that she creates, with seeming artlessness, the authentic feel of the classic ghost story, the tenderness of the gentle romance at its core and the teasing mystery which underlies it all.' W.J.S. Kirton

'This pacey, Victorian Novella, with its convincing dialogue, had everything a festive reader could want. A social gathering held on Twelfth Night, in a chilly and atmospheric setting, conjured up a mystery or two which unfolded in dramatic fashion. Fear not readers - there was still time for romance which didn't just warm the cheeks of those cloak-clad Victorian ladies.' Tango Queen

'...This is an atmospheric read, with an enjoyable mix of romance and ghostly goings on keeping the reader hooked until the end!' Snow White

'If you enjoy a mix of romance and mystery,spiced with more than a hint of the supernatural, you will love Mischief at Mulberry Manor...' M Duffy

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