Sunday, 22 April 2012

Lucky 7 and Free Recipes

I’m honoured to have received two Lucky 7 challenges and have finally got around to mentioning them here. One is from fellow MuseItUp author, Killarney Sheffield, and the other is from blogging friend, Melanie Robertson-King. The challenge is to:
  • go to page 77 of a work in progress
  • go to line 7, copy down the next 7 lines
  • pass it on
So here goes – this is the relevant bit in my mainstream contemporary novel (with short historical sections), that’s looking for an agent/publisher at the moment. This is from a 1780s section of the story:

The lasses look after him longingly and the women warn against him for his reputation is well known. Yet there must be other sides to him, for he sits in the Kirk and listens to the word of God. And I’ve heard my master talk of him with admiration at times. How the young man struggles to keep his farm going along with his brother, and of his writing and verses that are filled with intelligence and wit and such insight into human nature. I admire him long before I ever properly meet him.

Instead of passing this on, since many already have it, here's a free gift for all!

Some of the Champagne Books authors who blog at The Writers Vineyard have put together a recipe booklet, on offer as a free Pdf download. With recipes and book blurbs from around the world, why not get your copy from here. Mine is for Scotch Broth Soup! If you'd prefer me to email you a Pdf copy, please let me know.

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