Friday, 1 April 2011

Intoducing Janice Horton and the Bagpipes & Bullshot Tour!

Today, I'm hosting the lovely UK author Janice Horton on my reading and writing blog, as she makes her way around a blog tour promoting her Kindle e-book, Bagpipes & Bullshot. This is a fabulous, romantic comedy set amidst the glorious Scottish countryside of Dumfries and Galloway.

When handsome Scottish Laird Innes Buchanan meets beautiful Texan cowgirl Orley McKenna and brings her over to his impoverished estate in Scotland, it’s for more than her expertise with cattle. But before their romance can properly begin, Orley has to contend with a run-down country mansion, a frosty Lady of the manor, and a vengeful ex-girlfriend who puts Lady Macbeth to the shade.

Bagpipes & Bullshot is a wonderful romp of a novel with a hero and heroine to fall in love with and many laugh-out-loud moments. Although it’s a humorous novel, there is real background knowledge of the Scottish farming and breeding concerns which lends authenticity to the story. Brilliant fun!

Please join in the fun on Janice's blog, where Janice will be sharing a recipe for bullshot, and you can even hear Innes play the bagpipes! If you leave a comment on her blog, you might even win a kindle beach protector.


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