Thursday, 2 December 2010

Early Snow

Winter has come early to the UK this year. Here in my part of Scotland, it's the coldest temperature we've had in November/early December for many a long year. The snow fall has been exceptional, even in parts of the country where they don't usually get much snow.

In my village, driving conditions have been quite hazardous, especially until the hill was gritted. We even had the snow plough up first at the weekend, it was so deep. I love the cold, dry and sunny winter weather, as long as I can get out. It's absolutely beautiful, with the snow on the hills across the river.

There's always a negative side though! I was supposed to be speaking at a writing group on Tuesday, down in the south of the country, and staying overnight with a friend. However, all the trains to that part were cancelled because of the treacherous conditions on the higher ground the train has to pass through. I didn't know that until my husband actually drove me up to Glasgow, as all our locals trains were disrupted too. What a disappointment - we're rescheduling for spring!

I love the above picture of members of the Regency period 'Bon Ton' ice skating in the 1800s - it all seems much more romantic!

Meantime, I can get on with finishing the second edit on my novel. Not much to do now. It's lovely to be warm and cozy inside as the darkness begins to fall around 4pm. Maybe this is more conducive to writing than warmer weather that entices us outside - at least that's what I'm hoping!



Linda Kage said...

The scenery looks lovely, but I don't think I'd want to travel in it.

I like reading Regency stories were there's ice skating. I think the most recent one I read was by Elizabeth Boyd.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Hi Linda - yes, it's quite hazardous still. The snow looks lovely but when it turns to icy roads and paths, watch out!